How To Plan Your Custom Colorado Dream Home

Let’s face it, you’re only going to be able to build your own custom home once within your lifetime. It’s easy to buy an existing house and then do lots of remodeling but a custom home is a blank pallet. Ask any artist or writer. An empty white space demands to be filled but what’s the best way to start and how do you fill it? The right way.

The Trick With Custom Home Design Is The Concept

You’d never know it but mental visualization is the key to a good custom home design concept. The best way to accomplish this is to browse local real estate websites, like, that have Colorado homes for sale and start taking screenshots of bathrooms you like, kitchens that get you excited, or great rooms that look out into the Colorado pines and make you take pause. Create a folder with these screenshots and then grab some luxury home magazines at your local book store or newsstand. Cut out the rooms or features that you like and start getting excited. Check with your significant other to see if you’re both in an alignment of what you like and don’t like. Then narrow down the screenshots and snips to the rooms and features that you love. Now it’s much easier to visualize.

Pick a Talented Architect

You’ve got the ideas, you know what you want, now it’s time to hire a professional architect and begin your custom home design. Many architects use 3-D software so you can see a model of your home as it comes together. You get to do a virtual walk-through, identify where you want that extra skylight to add more natural light, talk about amazing features like radiant floor heating so your feet aren’t cold walking to the bathroom in a Colorado winter.

Once your blueprints are all drawn up it’s time to find a custom home builder who understands the unique flora and fauna, temperature swings, and seasonal changes in Colorado. You custom home is your investment so you’re going to want to make sure it’s built properly. We recommend that you look for someone whose built many custom homes in the area and can point out things you should have on your radar and to avoid.

Once you have your custom builder it’s time to break ground and watch your dream rise before your eyes. Just think, within a year or less you’ll be curing up in your new home in front of the fireplace amazed that you’re living in your own dream home.

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