Does your furniture match your new custom home?

A Colorado custom home is a significant investment. Most of these homes have a modern yet rustic look. If you are moving from the midwest or East coast you can quickly find that your furniture clashes with your new dream home. Here’s a couple of tips to make sure you’re furniture matches your new vision.

The first thing you should do is make sure to set aside some money to purchase new furniture that matches your new custom home. Don’t throw out your old furniture or gift it away. Instead, look for a local consignment store, and put your old furniture up for sale. You can save on your new furniture costs by using the sale of your old furniture to offset the spending. If you’re unsuccessful with consignment, used Craigslist! A local Craigslist post with pictures and an asking price can move furniture quickly.

Search online for furniture stores that sell furniture like you’ve seen featured in other Colorado custom homes. See if you can find coupons for free shipping of upcoming sales. Websites like have great coupons for a wide variety of stores.

Reach out to a local interior designer. Check out his or her portfolio and ask them for recommendations on furniture stores you should check out that have amazing stuff. You might even be able to name drop and get a discount.

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